Czasy angielskie - podsumowanie

Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz jedną, aby otrzymać spójne i poprawne gramatycznie zdanie. Użyj odpowiedniego czasu angielskiego.

Poziom: Upper-Intermediate. Test rozwiązano 149571 razy. Średni wynik: 54,52 %.

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1. I was very surprised when she said she ... her exam.

2. While I was going home, my son ... to France.

3. When I was a child I ... tennis twice a week.

4. As a young child Kate ... most of her time playing the piano.

5. How long ... here?

6. Never ... such a beautiful and smart girl.

7. What ... so wonderful?

8. It's been ages since I last ... you.

9. We all knew that something wasn't right, but she didn't want to say what ...

10. As soon as I ... my money back, I'll buy a new car.

11. My train ... in half an hour. Could you give me a lift?

12. She's nice but I assume we ... as a couple.

13. Stop shouting at me! You ... my ideas!

14. When I got back home, everybody ...

15. Next year we ... married for a 20 years.

16. It was obvious that she would pass her exam. She ... for weeks.

17. Look at his white face. He ...

18. This time tomorrow I ... to Greece.

19. The Internet ... more and more popular.

20. Look at her. She ...

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