Gramatyka angielska - pre-intermediate/intermediate

Poniższy test sprawdza wiedzę ogólną z zakresu gramatyki angielskiej na poziomie pre-intermediate oraz intermediate (średnio zaawansowanym). W każdym pytaniu wybierz jedną odpowiedź tak, aby uzyskać logiczne i gramatycznie poprawne zdanie.

Poziom: Intermediate. Test rozwiązano 20945 razy. Średni wynik: 57,85 %.

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1. I need to buy ... one-day ticket.

2. When I was a child, I ... sing.

3. The exam was very difficult, but Kate ... pass it anyway.

4. Now I know what Adam ...

5. Helen is a polite kid, but today she ... very rude..

6. Tom's changed. I ... him now.

7. Whereas all the other children ... very fast, Mark still can't do any progress.

8. At last I ... reading the whole book.

9. You shouldn't say you don't like Mark. You ... him.

10. Mark ... my car yesterday. Now we can finally go home.

11. I was watching my favourite movie while Mark ... GTA V.

12. Tom ... you three times last night.

13. The TV was on but nobody ... it.

14. You should recognize Kate easily. She ... a red skirt.

15. Kate's missed her bus, but Mark ... her a lift.

16. Look at the dark clouds. It ...

17. We ... to Paris tomorrow.

18. I'm not hungry. I've ... eaten my dinner.

19. My father always lets me ... TV series on Saturday.

20. Tom, would you like ... coffee?

21. Paul has ... friends in his new school.

22. I didn't know who he was. I ... him before.

23. You ... too much recently.

24. Thomas Edison ... the lightbulb. I ... that.

25. We ... for an hour when I suddenly felt bad.

26. Do you have any plans for tonight? Do you feel like ... to the cinema?

27. Look at that boy next to Kate. He ... be her boyfriend.

28. Don't call me at 2 p.m. I ...

29. After such a long trip you ... be exhausted.

30. They're putting their bags into the car. They ... on holidays.

31. It's late. We ... go now.

32. This picture is very important to me. You ... lose it.

33. No wonder you feel sick now. You ... all the cake.

34. I ... so I stayed at home.

35. In 1960's every child ... wear an uniform in school.

36. Nobody knew about my plans so it ... you who gave it away.

37. My house ... in 2005.

38. I want the project ... by tomorrow.

39. I'm sorry, but all the tickets ...

40. 'I have never met you,' said Paul to me. Paul said it was the first time he ... me

41. I'll give you a call as soon as we ...

42. Would you mind ... the window?

43. I've never seen ... beautiful girl.

44. If you ... now, you ... an opportunity to start once again.

45. If I ... you, I ... for him.

46. If you heat water to 100 C, it ...

47. If I ... sick, I ... somewhere in France now.

48. If he had learnt more, he ... the exam.

49. If I ... so exhausted, I would have come with you to the concert.

50. I wish I ... a better job.

51. The movie was great. I wish you ... with us.

52. If only I ... it before I called him a thief.

53. Rebecca, could you ... my children tomorrow?

54. You should really give ... smoking if you want to be healthy.

55. I'd really like to study at ... Cambridge University.

56. ... is a waste of time sitting here, let's go somewhere else.

57. ... is no point in buying a notebook if you already have one.

58. You've never driven a car, ...?

59. I was so delighted ... the news that I forgot to prepare dinner.

60. I'm so fed up ... my job that I'll probably resign.

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