Test luk sterowanych cz. 2

Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz jedną tak, aby uzyskać poprawne gramatycznie i logiczne zdanie.

Poziom: Upper-Intermediate. Test rozwiązano 10127 razy. Średni wynik: 63,05 %.

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1. She's always shy ... people she doesn't know.

2. I was in London ... years ago.

3. Paul doesn't like either me ... you.

4. I passed 3 ... 4 exams I took.

5. At ... 12 people were injured in an accident near Tokio.

6. This shirt is ... more expensive than the first one.

7. In this world you can count only ... yourself.

8. The ... you lost your wallet really upsets me.

9. 'I don't feel good', she ...

10. The daughter of my sister is my ...

11. We had some difficulties ... solving the problem, but we did it.

12. And then, ... the blue, she said she's pregnant.

13. The final effect is ... from what we expected.

14. Hold ... a sec. I need your help.

15. I don't know how you'll solve this problem, but you have to figure something ...

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