Zdania okolicznikowe - adverbial clauses

Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz jedną tak, aby uzyskać logiczne i poprawne gramatycznie zdanie.

Poziom: Intermediate. Test rozwiązano 12003 razy. Średni wynik: 73,46 %.

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1. ... her ilness, she had to stay at home.

2. ... she had no chance to win, she took part in the conquest.

3. She is looking for a job ... earn some money.

4. We decided to postpone the trip ... bad weather.

5. You can go climbing if you want to. ..., you must be very careful.

6. He went inside silently ... nobody could hear him.

7. I'll take the umbrella ... it rains.

8. ... other guests prefer going out, I wanted to stay home.

9. ... she didn't want to come with us, we went without her.

10. ... lack of experience, she was employed.

11. Some people like summer ... others prefer winter.

12. I left at dawn ... be in time.

13. Sometimes she acts ... she was a child.

14. He's sometimes annoying, but I like him ...

15. He pretended to be sick ... go to school.

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