Określniki angielskie - wybierz odpowiedni określnik

Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz jedną tak, by uzyskać logiczne i poprawne gramatycznie zdanie. Użyj odpowiedniego określnika angielskiego.

Poziom: Pre-intermediate. Test rozwiązano 953 razy. Średni wynik: 68,99 %.

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1. I know Susan and Peter and I like them ...

2. ... people must work hard to earn their living.

3. He wanted to buy two shirts but in the end he didn't bought ...

4. We didn't expect the event to be popular so we were surprised when ... people came.

5. We have used ... petrol and couldn't drive any longer.

6. There is no point in buying ... car when you already have one.

7. The meeting after the movie was ... more interesting than the movie itself.

8. At Christmas ... family gather in my house.

9. She's ... wise ... pretty.

10. My left shoe is dirty, but ... is clean.

11. Some of the students may protest, but ... them should support us.

12. Which film do you want to watch? ... will be good.

13. You should wait ... days before you make decision.

14. ... may think that my job is boring, but I like it.

15. I don't like him. ... do I.

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